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University of Glasgow example projects are detailed below by theme.Projects with involvement with one of our collaborating partners, (University of Strathclyde or the Pirbright Institute) are indicated; note that a formal requirement of the training programme will involve the student carrying out one of their 3-month lab rotations with at least one of the collaborating partners.Resistant birds, although infected, were unable to transmit virus to contact birds, as ultimately only the presence of a sustained cloacal shedding (and not oropharyngeal shedding) was critical for transmission.Restriction of within-bird transmission of virus occurred in the resistant line, with intra-nares or cloacal infection resulting in only local shedding and failing to transmit fully through the gastro-intestinal-pulmonary tract.

However, the name Guildown is evoked by Guildown Road, a residential road which climbs the southern side of the ridge on the southwestern fringes of Guildford.

Guildown may be an abbreviation of Guildford Down ("the Down by Guildford").

Guildford is the point where the River Wey cuts through the Hog's Back.

Resistance to infection was independent of adaptive immune responses, including the expansion of specific IFNγ secreting cells or production of influenza-specific antibody.

Genetic resistance to a novel H9N2 virus was less robust, though significant differences between host genotypes were still clearly evident.