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If you are ever going through a breakup, a rough time, or just need a pick me up, these are 7 phrases you must tell yourself on repeat: 1. We cannot give to someone else what we don’t have, and likewise we cannot get from someone else what he or she doesn’t have.” I couldn’t agree more. This seems like a dumb question – of course, I want to be happy, who doesn’t?

If you love yourself, you will be the master of your feelings, not some idiot that broke your heart through a text message. The problem is, a lot of the time, I actually don’t. I have an extremely short temper, and I get mad at the most trivial matters. It’s because I forget (or maybe don’t want) to be happy in that moment.

He concludes: “That’s what being single is now — all that garbage.

It’s pretty much now like you’re a secretary for this really shoddy organization scheduling the dumbest shit for the flakiest people ever.” I place the blame mostly on texting, and on a larger scope, technology itself.

I have been absolutely touched and thankful to you all. And by now, you probably know, I am pretty much a giant cheeseball.

As I read through your letters, I recognize that there is still so much pain and regret that overcomes us during a breakup – and we mistakenly try to rush the healing process. And the amount of time it takes to get back to feeling normal varies from person to person – And while, I do hope that my breakup survival tips are helping, I also want to share with you a few more insights that may help keep you sane throughout your recovery. According to Mastin Kipp of , self-love is important, “because ultimately we are the ones responsible for our actions, choices, and the outcome of those actions and choices.

If you will permit me to become biblical for a moment, Adam and Eve's real punishment for biting the apple of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, was not only becoming aware of sexuality, but of the fact that life is finite and limited.

Unlike all other living creatures, we are aware of death. It is the realization that each of us will one day die.

I would sign up for that.” He continues, “But that’s not what being single is anymore.

Part of me can hardly remember the pain and agony that I suffered during my worst breakup.

It's only now that my best friend and I can finally giggle about our outrageous grieving mechanisms and the torture we put ourselves through for boys that didn’t deserve it.

I wrote a guide on “how to want to get over a breakup” about a year ago, and I was overwhelmed by the emails and comments I got from many of my readers who empathized with me.

So many of you have personally written to me and shared with me your own stories of heartache and pain.