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, which features standards and classic Broadway tunes, including "Send in the Clowns," "Ease on Down the Road" with Smokey Robinson and "On the Street Where You Live," the song Morrison said he has sung at every audition, including . Then I was like, "This is so stupid that this bothers me. Fitzharris: This album takes you back to your roots and your love for theater. " I think that's when it became like, "Are you sure?

The project marks the first from 222 Records, a newly formed label by Adam Levine and the last from producer Phil Ramone, who died in March. The 34-year-old California native's big break came when he made his Broadway debut in being referred to as the "gayest show on TV," much has been written about Morrison's sexuality. Some of my best friends in the world are gay, and if this is bothering me, then that means I have an issue with that." Once I figured that out for myself, I thought, "I don't care what anyone thinks about me." That's why I think I've become an ally for the gay and lesbian community. Fitzharris: You mentioned that you're in a relationship. " Fitzharris: Were you ever bullied because you were involved in the arts? I was the one who was always sticking up for others.

Matthew Morrison: It's never really been a misconception for me. Fitzharris: What advice would you give to others who are bullied because their interests don't fit in with what is considered typical? The only reason you are getting bullied is because those people who are bullying you are so insecure in themselves.

Fitzharris: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for her? Fitzharris: Everyone reading this is going to wonder how they can find a guy like you. Working with Phil Ramone, who was just an incredible genius. The other was having Smokey Robinson sing on the album. The three of us in the studio together was one of the coolest days I've ever had. Then it was, "Oh, so now we've really got to start paying for that!

Robinson and The Miracles began turning out an almost unbroken string of hits in the early 1960s on Gordy's Tamla label (although they had minor hits on a few labels before they signed with Gordy).

Dustin Fitzharris: You have said in the past that the biggest misconception about you is that you're gay. I was lucky, I feel, in that sense that I didn't get bullied.

Due to the abuse she suffered in her personal life, Terrell began to drink heavy.

Motown's Artist Development division stepped in quickly and erased the problem.

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