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Being Matchmaker Certified acknowledges those Matchmakers who understand and appreciate the importance of being part of a trusted community. Matchmaking requires a full-time commitment although many new Matchmakers begin part-time.

Professor of Psychology from the University of Kansas Chris Crandall and Assistant Professor of Wellesley College Angela Bahns arrived to the conclusion that similarity is what attracts people to each other from the very beginning of any relationship.

It's a phenomenon that's been studied for years called the "marriage premium." The marriage premium exists when our married counterparts make more than their unattached colleagues.

Now I'm all for people finding love and wanting to commit their lives to each other in front of God and the law. They have an interest in having society raise the next generation in a married, two-parent home? There is only anecdotal evidence that says married men perform better than their unmarried counterparts.

We believe love is the greatest thing in the world and are committed to creating opportunities for singles to connect in the hope of finding that special someone.

We understand navigating the bar scene, online dating or just pure happenstance is not easy.