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This is the 16.12.3 update with bugfixes and translation updates.Most applications have been ported to KDE Frameworks 5 but those which aren't should fit in seamlessly.To upgrade to Kubuntu 17.04 from 16.10: - Open Discover or optionally Muon Package Manager - Ensure that your current system is up to date by installing available updates If for some reason Discover does not then offer you the upgrade to 17.04, but you know it is available, you can do one of the following: - Launch the graphical release upgrade by opening Krunner, or Konsole (or other terminal), and run: We missed by a whisker getting updated PIM 16.12.3 (kontact, kmail, akregator, kgpg etc..) into Zesty for release day, and we believe it is important that our users have access to this significant update.

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This mechanism follows the desktop entry and menu standards.

- An example method would be to search for and run 'update-manager' from the K menu or Krunner Note: If the distribution upgrade process fails to launch, you may need to install the package ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt.

The first bugfix update of the Plasma 5.10 series is now available for users of Kubuntu Zesty Zapus 17.04 to install via our backports PPA.

See the Plasma 5.10.1 and 5.10.0 announcements and the release video below for more about the new features available, and bugfixes applied.

To update, use the Software Repository Guide to add the following repository to your software sources list: Upgrade notes: ~ The Kubuntu backports PPA already contains from previous updates backported KDE PIM 16.12.3 packages (Kmail, Kontact, Korganiser Akregator etc), plus various other backported applications, and KDE Frameworks 5.34, so please be aware that enabling the backports PPA for the 1st time and doing a full upgrade will result in a substantial amount of upgraded packages in addition to Plasma 5.10.