Male video strip chats

I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes.The owners of this app seriously need to do something about their security!!! Technical wise, eg; best screen size & picture quality.Bullying /Trolling/Spaming broadcasts are not addressed. No safety Measures Address for would be Broadcaster's.The kids love it and it's great to give them self confidence and what not.

On Friday, at about p.m., a woman was backing out of a parking space at the River Front Center on Route 3 when she was approached by a male suspect, according to police reports. Robert Bracken said the suspect abruptly stopped the female victim's vehicle near a Starbucks coffee shop and claimed she had struck his vehicle.Bracken said the woman had fallen prey to "a typical flim-flam scam" where suspects use various techniques "to confuse and overwhelm the victim" in order to perpetrate the act.According to police reports, the first suspect was described as 5 feet 7 inches, 230 pounds, Hispanic and about 30 years old.My 10 year old daughter's number one follower is a grown adult male stranger.Unfortunately because she lives in another state with her dad I have no say over the matter.