Sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating

Do you have libraries in Share Point that you need to monitor for additions and perhaps even changes?

I know that if you are checking these libraries manually, that over time, you will occasionally forget especially if you are as busy as I am.

I've had a miserable experience with RSS feeds in Outlook, especially with my feeds from the Trilogy sites.

I just know these feeds should update at least every few minutes, yet Outlook often takes an hour or more to show any changes.

The TTL element is optional and some feeds (such as those from the Stack Trilogy) don’t contain it.

to save your configuration settings and after the display is returned to Edit mode for the web page, click the Exit edit mode link to display the page as it is now configured. Share Point 2007 now supports RSS feeds, which have long been available on the Internet and can make any Share Point list a source for RSS.Recently I have been working on the Social Media integration for the one of our Office 365 clients and One of the key tasks was to derive RSS feeds for all their Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter accounts.As many of you may know, RSS Viewer Web Part is not supported in Office 365 at the time of this article is written.With daily alerts, you can even specify when during the day you want to receive the notice and for weekly alerts you can specify not only the time, but also the day of the week.With all that flexibility, what could RSS feeds possibly offer that alerts do not?