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Whether you're looking for that special someone who shares your passion for fitness, or you just fancy a fun Valentine's night out, this could be for you. And a big shout out to the UP PTs who continue to make the seemingly impossible dreams - possible. A post shared by Andrew Cheung (@zusun83) on According to the UP website: "The one-off session will see would-be couples put through their paces together by UP's world-class personal trainers - and hopefully, sparks will fly."Any errant sparks might have something to do with all that sweat you're working up.

The speed dating session has 10 men, 10 women, and 10 exercise stations.

Verhofstadt pleads for a stronger EU, based on a government of the eurozone, with a fiscal capacity, a Union financial minister, own resources and a convergence code with conditionality.

It also proposes that the Commission be slimmed down, with only two vice-presidents: the finance minister and the foreign minister and that the European Parliament would have a single seat.

Each man and women will have two minutes on each interactive station to workout together before they move on to a new partner.

Conversely, the view of Brok and Bresso’s paper is that the EU needs first to make full use of the Lisbon Treaty and then possibly reform to enable itself to do even more.Not because they're the cheapest that's for sure, and not even because they look so f#cking beautiful, but because they are the best dumbbells that money can buy for intelligent strength training.I'm about to move to Los Angeles where I'll be bereft of my Watson dumbbells until they manage to ship some out to me, which is one of my top priorities. Photo courtesy of @zusun83 #upfitness #nickmitchell #gym #dumbbells #bestdumbbells #manchestergym #losangelesgym #lagym A post shared by Nick Mitchell (@heynickmitchell) on UP's Valentine's Day Speed Dating evening starts at 7pm at Manchester's UP gym at Old Granada Studios on Quay Street.Speed Dating Limerick hopes these people will entrust in them to provide local singles with face to face meetings with genuine local single people for some fun and excitement.Speed Dating Limerick will be hosting a number of quality singles events such as speed dating and singles parties in the area and look forward to seeing new faces at their events.