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A variant of the World War II-era High Standard target pistol was used as the basis for the High Standard HDM suppressed military model used by the Office of Strategic Services and later the US Military and Central Intelligence Agency.

High Standard Firearms is an American manufacturer of firearms, based in Houston, Texas.

In 1968, the company was acquired by the Leisure Group.

A turbulent period followed, due to the passage of Gun Control Act of 1968.

During WWII High Standard operated plants in New Haven and Hamden.

A final move was made to East Hartford, CT in 1977 where they remained until the doors were closed in late 1984.

The early Model A, however, was provided with an adjustable rear sight and some dimensions were changed slightly. In 1940, Model B was redesigned, a slide take-down lever being incorporated on the right side of the frame in place of the old style lever located on the left, just back of the safety. As is the case with most subsequent models, these were obtainable in two barrel lengths, 41/2 or 63/4 inches. In 1959 there was a radical change made in the Supermatics. The Supermatic Trophy and the Supermatic Citation are basically alike, but the former is a de luxe model and far more expensive. These new Supermatics are characterized particularly by having a new type of barrel.

It had fixed sights and the customary 10-round magazine. In this series the disassembly latch in front of the trigger guard was replaced by a push button (or rod) which accomplished the same purpose, i.e., releasing the barrel and slide.

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An example of the pistol can be seen at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, New York.

There were at least two models of the automatic pistol, differing, however, only in the weights of their barrels and in the types of grip plates used. A (essentially the Hartford) it appears that another Mod. In each model the slide locks automatically in the open position after the last shot has been fired.

The failure of this firm enabled the High Standard company to buy their tools, equipment, etc. The first HI-Standard pistols produced naturally bore a close resemblance to the Hartford. cartridge, and a similar model, Model C, was chambered for the .22 Short. A was introduced in 1936, and one quite similar but having an external hammer and no thumb safety was also produced as Mod. The external hammer versions are designated by the use of the letter H before the model letter used for the hammerless model. B was produced in smooth bore, especially designed for .22 Short shot cartridges. Both the Olympic and Supermatic were especially designed for expert target shooting.

The company was founded in Hamden, Connecticut in 1926 as a supplier to the numerous firearms companies in the Connecticut Valley.

In 1932, the company, headed by Carl Gustav Swebilius, purchased the Hartford Arms and Equipment Company and began making .22 caliber pistols.