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Stevens makes use of a variety of instruments, often playing many of them himself on the same recording, Stevens was born in Detroit, Michigan, and lived there until the age of nine, when his family moved to Petoskey, in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

He was raised by his father Rasjid and his stepmother Pat, only occasionally visiting his mother, Carrie, in Oregon after she married her second husband Lowell Brams.

Sufjan Stevens doesn’t give many official interviews, but in a way he doesn’t have to, as his song lyrics can often speak for themselves.

In a 2005 interview, Sufjan Stevens acknowledged his Christian religion, saying that he attends “a kind of Anglo-Catholic church.” Sufjan Stevens' views on faith and doubt & more Christian music like Sufjan Stevens.

Its emotional power center, however, lay in the album’s somber laments of the economic decay plaguing erstwhile industrial centers like Detroit.

Stevens was hardly the first musician to document financial squalor with such empathy and poignancy.

Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell is an open wound: a son’s musical letter to the dead mother who abandoned him for most of his life.But unlike folk singers like Woody Guthrie, Stevens’ observations were largely apolitical, as mini-tragedies like “Flint” and “They Also Mourn Who Do Not Wear Black” aimed straight for the heart, leaving behind gaping emotional wounds that couldn’t be healed by swing state politics.Arriving four years before the global economic crisis — and over a decade before #Feel The Bern became a rallying cry for broke white Millennials — Michigan was a prescient omen for Americans who would soon join the citizens of Detroit in absorbing the impact of the wealthy’s decades-long campaign of reckless, criminal impropriety.It’s also Stevens’ best work to date, more nakedly emotional than Illinois, less off-putting and aggressive than The Age Of Adz.It landed at number three on our list of the Best Albums Of 2015, beat out only by the raw energy of Kendrick Lamar, and Sleater-Kinney’s enthusiastically greeted return.