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: most of the countries have opened their borders, Internet allows us to communicate with anyone we like, low-cost travelling gives new opportunities for discovering new and exciting places and people are more eager to meet with representatives of other nationalities than ever.

Naturally it is good grounds for But here comes another question: are these the only reasons for some women to look for foreigners instead of dating men of their own nationality?

One could also wonder if single women are simply taking a cue from the preference of married women, because a study once showed that when deciding if someone is attractive, people take cue from others.

This probably underscores the reason why married women are wary of single ladies lurking around their husbands.

Notes prepared by Fran Barone Used with permission Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (2007) Women on the market: marriage, consumption, and the internet in urban Cameroon 34:4 pp 642-58 Fieldwork in Yaoundé in 1996, 1998, and briefly in 2001: “Internet romance, however, was something that I stumbled on while in the field in 1998.

I supplemented the fieldwork with a study of website postings by women from Yaoundé, primarily in 2002, 2003, and 2005” (p.

That’s why even if representatives of two rival tribes meet and fall in love with each other they rarely fight for their love.

This research deserves, in my view, to be read more widely if we are going to finally expand this interdisciplinary area of scholarship beyond its customary fixation with the global North.Notice the precise fieldwork times and sites, the media technologies mentioned, as well as the ‘remote research’ on other cultures (cf.remote ethnography) undertaken by young urban Cameroonian women via the internet and other media.Many people are used to the fact that married men have extra-marital affairs due to reasons ranging from lust, excitement, revenge, to family issues etc, but for single women who have the option of dating single men to prefer married men may be a little surprising. Ordinarily, one would expect that a married man is no longer available, but studies have shown that women who are single are particularly attracted to men that are either in committed relationship or married as against bachelors.Beyond the pecuniary gains that such single women or ladies may look forward to, the studies showed that such men are seen as having the ability to be committed and have more experience in knowing and meeting the needs of a woman than most bachelors who mostly want to enjoy the moment and move on to other things.